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Contact us if you have suspicions
of a fake product:


+39 045 6655175

Segnala capo contraffatto

Report a fake garment

100% made in Apg

An original Alé garment is made of ideas, tailor skills, innovations
and an authentic passion for cycling, the common
thread than links APG to cyclists all over the world.

Abbigliamento originale Alé 100% Made in APG
Capi originali Alé cycling

The success of Alé garments has drawn
the attention on forgers who use
ecommerce to cheat consumers.


We remind you that buying fake products is considered a crime of acquiring stolen goods as per Italian penal code (art. 648 del codice penale ai sensi dell’art. 1, comma 7, d.l. 14 marzo 2005, n. 35)

APG wants to guarantee the highest quality and safety
of 100% made in APG garments and is continuously active
in finding and removing fake Alé products, both online
and in unauthorized dealers.


Garments produced with poor quality fabrics can be harmful to the health.

Please refer to our partner and authorized dealers
to buy Alé products (find dealer/distributor), with competence
and experience they can suggest and show you the features
of the products you are searching for.


If the difference in price is remarkable, it is likely that the product will be a fake.

Alé garments are unique and stand out
for the manufacturing quality and fluo colours.

5 dettagli che contraddistinguono i capi Alé

to recognize a real
Alé garment

Cuciture piatte Alé

4-needle seams

4-needle seams are used in most of the garments.

Rubber logo

An Alé rubber logo is applied on original products,
in fake ones the logo is printed.

Colore fluo dei fondelli

Yellow fluo

Alé shammies are exclusively yellow fluo,
whereas in fake bibshorts the shammies
have different colours.

Iserti in materiali differenti

in different

Most of Alé garments have a several inserts
construction that is graphically copied
in fake products.

Etichette e packaging Alé


Tags and packaging.


The quality


The safety


The original Alé

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