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Kids cycling collection Alé Custom

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It’s an unforgettable moment for everyone: dad or mom take the stabilisers off the first bike and we balance ourselves by some miracle. In that moment we discover that nothing can take away the pleasure of riding a bike. Roads will get longer, the finish line further. Strain and pain will come, but nothing can be worth that childhood memory that come back at every new ride.

Alé Cycling

Short sleeve jersey

  • Code 6204
Alé Cycling

Long sleeve jersey

  • Code 5693
Alé Cycling

Short sleeve wind jersey

  • Code 6191
Alé Cycling

Winter vest

  • Code 6193
Alé Cycling

Winter jacket

  • Code 5694
Alé Cycling

wind jacket

  • Code 5695
Alé Cycling

Windfront Vest

  • Code 6192
Alé Cycling


  • Code 5591
Alé Cycling


  • Code 5696
Alé Cycling

Strada short sleeves lightweight Skinsuit

  • Code 6085