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R-EV1 men Bib shorts


Alé Pro Race

  • Weight 160 gr
  • Temperature 18° / 30°
  • r-ev1 Alé Pro Race Alé Cycling
  • r-ev1 Alé Pro Race Alé Cycling
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Slim fit

Tight fitting

If you are right on the border or between sizes please order at least one size up.

Size guide and fit

Size guide and fit

We wanted to give to the cyclists the feeling of a true second-skin fitting. An innovative pattern with less cuts and stitching that can grant - thanks to the compressive and hi-performing Speedy fabric - the best muscle support. The strategically modeled Bonded Technology at leg hem keeps the bibshort stable on the body without any restriction of blood flow or freedom of movement. Its new braces without stitchings perfectly fit the body for the best comfort.


With our ALE’ PRO RACE BIBSHORTS we’ve minimized cuts to allow the fabric to wrap muscles all the way around/without interruptions. We’ve then replaced some of the traditional stitchings with our BONDED TECHNOLOGY so as to remove any possible skin abrasion factor. The leg, that is longer compared to the traditional ALE’ bibshorts, it is finished at the hem with a soft and flexible bonding that helps in keeping the bibshorts in place. This significant feeling of comfort and simplicity given by the almost total absence of seams continues with the suspenders that are made of a very soft microfiber elasticband, assembled by thermotaped seams and with bonded hems.


  • Speedy
  • Serie LP41
  • Am Carbon Fiber

The special SPEEDY, with 39% elastomer and a 40% elastic modulus, wraps the body as a second skin, providing adequate muscle compression and stimulating circulation. It is also extremely resistant to both pilling and abrasion, thus ensuring durability of the garment. Enhanced by the COLDBLACK® treatment, it provides UVA and UVB (UPF50 +) protection, minimizes the absorption of solar thermal radiations thus keeping the body fresher even during long summer rides. This finishing only contains bluesign® approved components that contain very low levels of harmful substances, making them benign to mankind and the environment and encouraging the economical and ecological use of resources in the production process. The rear insert, in SERIES C-BOOST, houses a reflective dotted transfer for visibility, and resists to pilling. SERIES LP 41, the perforated fabric used on the back, is light, with reduced thickness and high compression thanks to the 41% of elastomer that composes it. Highly breathable and quick drying. While the AM CARBON FIBER at the front provides the final important component: the carbon, that has an antistatic action, dispersing the charges accumulated during physical activity. It protects against bacteria and polluting dust and finally it accelerates the evaporation of sweat, slowing down the formation of moisture on the skin.

Textile composition

Main fabric




Waist insert


Back of the hand


Frontal straps


Available shammy

Shammy 8h F

ALE’ 8HF padding in elastic micro-fiber with high memory padding, strategically positioned at the contact points. The padding that protects the perineal and ischiatic area reaches a maximum density of 120 kg/m³, calibrated to ensure maximum protection from shocks and road stresses. The central relief channel safeguards the nerve endings even in the longest rides. The lateral shaped wings are soft and flexible to follow the body movements during pedaling.



  • Water repellency

  • Breathability

  • Windproof

  • Lightness

  • UV Protection