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Apparel care

The care instructions of Alé products are indicated on the label of each garment. Follow the instructions to always have a product up to your performance.

Do not leave the garment in the bag supplied for a long period

Never leave wet garments in closed spaces (sport bags, plastic bag, etc.) because the fabric may get damaged

Use neutral detergents and wash at less than 30°C

Do not leave the garment soaking

Do not bleach and do not use softeners: aggressive detergents or softeners can damage your Alé garments because they attack the fibers of the fabric, especially the Lycra in the shorts

Dry the garment on a flat surface and away from direct sunlight

Pay utmost attention also to tumble dry because high heat may damage the technical materials

Rubbing against rough materials / fabrics may cause a pilling effect that cannot be considered a defect of the fabric

Care instructions for Klimatik garments

The fabrics with WR treatment undergo a reduction of the waterproof property that must be reactivated after about 3/4 washings. Wash the garment at 30° C and let it dry.
When dry, the most effective ways to restore the water repellent function are:

Tumble drying: with a mid-temperature delicate cycle. Repeat again for 20 minutes to reactivate the water repellent treatment on the outer fabric

Ironing: iron the garment with mid temperature (heat without vapour), placing a towel or a cloth between the garment and the iron


Please consider that these expedients don’t work on garments damaged by usury or precedent wrong care actions