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Alé and Team Bahrain Victorious reveal maillot disruptif. The first World Tour jersey as crypto art.

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Raise awareness for two prevalent diseases

Why Obesity and Diabetes

Obesity and Diabetes are diseases not exclusive to Bahrain and the GCC but they are prevalent throughout the world. With obesity being the cause of almost 85% of diabetes cases, both of these diseases have a huge impact on medical care systems world wide. The aim of this jersey is to raise awareness of this, whilst at the same time offer a solution.

Bahrain Jersey NFT Right Cause image

A Clear message behind the jersey

The Benefit of Cycling

Back in 2017, Bahrain entered the pro peloton intending to inspire people to take up endurance sports. Looking back ten years, Bahrain only had a handful of cyclists, but today thousands are taking on this sport along with other popular endurance sports through triathlon and running. Consequently, Bahrain has seen a shift in attitude towards health and a lower prevalence of such diseases. This jersey aims to further push this awareness and call to action to sports fans world wide. Our message is that through cycling we can improve our health, limiting the impact that obesity and diabetes has on our societies.

Team Bahrain Victorious X Alé

The Design

The faint ‘V’ across the jersey is the roman numeral five, a nod to the team’s time in WorldTour cycling and the name Victorious. The clear message behind the jersey is prominent on the back: “Riding Away From Obesity and Diabetes” and “Every Pedal Stroke is a Victory.” It represents that the name Victorious is about celebrating the personal victories and challenges taken on. We may not all be able to compete to win stages at the biggest race in cycling, but we can each work towards our own victories with sport.

Finally looking closely you will see that the font for the jersey is hand written. This links back to the younger generation, not only a key moment when many of us learn to ride a bike, but also the moment when we should be aware of the benefits of continuing to ride. With cycling being the ideal tool to be physically active TBV and Alé are aiming to inspire the future generation to become cyclists.

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What’s a NFT?

Following the sign on, the jerseys were cut up, never to be physically seen again. One has since been minted as a piece of crypto art known as an NFT (Non-Fungible-Token), which will be auctioned off. Both TBV and Alé saw this as the perfect platform for the ‘Maillot Disruptif’ because it not only communicates with a younger market, one who are potentially more at risk of Diabetes and Obesity, but also because it gives the owner a unique connection with both cycling and TBV. This one-of-a-kind piece is not only the perfect collectors item for sports fans, but it is also the first ever World Tour jersey to be minted as a piece of digital art.

Creation | Disruption | Destruction

Tour de France 2021

On the presentation of the 108th Tour de France, Bahrain Victorious riders walked onto the stage fashioning a never-before-seen jersey, Moving away from the traditional red the team wears throughout the year the riders wore a white jersey with blue highlights. Known as the ‘Maillot Disruptif’, the jersey highlighted several key messages about Obesity and Diabetes. After the presentation the real life jerseys were destroyed, launching the auction of the one-of-a-kind digital NFT version of the jersey to raise funds in support of obesity and diabetes.


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