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Alé Cipollini vince ancora una volta in Australia

Alé Cipollini take another victory in Australia - securing 2018’s Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race!

Chloe Hosking has found victory close at hand while racing at home in Australia, but with scorching heat and unexpected showers, her PR-S designed kit ensured she was ready for any eventuality. Poised to pounce upon all the key moves, rather than worrying about being uncomfortable in the midst of racing’s most decisive moments.

Listening to the needs of riders is crucial when designing the kit they shall spend the entire year fighting for victory in, pushing themselves to the limit in all types of weather; from harsh summer sun to bitter winter wind and rain. Perfection here means riders can focus upon doing what they do best - winning.

Designed and developed alongside professional riders such as Chloe Hosking, the PR-S custom collection by Alé is available to all cyclists, providing a premium and perfect fitting garment.

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