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Alé will be at eurobike: from today to saturday 29th august



In Friedrichshafen, Germany, the new 2016 range will be unveiled, the absolute avant-garde in technical clothing for cycling. Eurobike represents the perfect stage to discover the new collection.

From today August 26th until August 29th the international bike trade show, that every year brings in Friedrichshafen million of visitors and the best companies from all over the world.

Alé means innovation but also extreme attention to details because these will make the difference. Every single detail in this collection has been realized with extreme passion.

Alé chooses fluo colours for cycling clothing. This choice has been made for safety reasons first of all, because the cyclists’ safety is the most important thing. Alé’s clothing are unique because of the avant-garde materials and the innovative productive process, but there is something that catches the eye even more. To attract the attention are the colours. The choice is wide in order to satisfy all kind of preferences: blue to fuchsia, yellow to green until the entire rainbow palet. The main characteristic is being fluo. Why? Being fluo means to give more light to colours, giving them more brialliance but it is also a choice linked to safety reasons.

Safety for cyclists is the most important thing for Alé: accidents that happen too often show how important safety is and how much needed is a way to face it. Even clothing might help to ride bikes in a safer way. This is why Alé choses fluo colours: this kind of colours is much more easy to see, at night or during bad weather conditions. Reflective parts are very important but they might not be adequate. If the entire body of the cyclist is more visible, his safety is higher. What has become a cult, fluo colours are now a true must in style, was born to guarantee an essential necessity.

These are only some of the previews from the new 2016 range: in order to discover all of them and to touch them, Alé will be waiting for you at stand number 226, A1 pavilion, in Friederichshafen.

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