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Alé la Merckx 2020 annullata



Bonferraro di Sorgà (VERONA, Italy) March 31, 2020 – With great regret, but with the awareness that health is our most precious asset, Alé CEO, Alessia Piccolo, organizer of Alé La Merckx, announces that the Verona international granfondo will not take place.

“The Alé La Merckx granfondo has always represented our company: seriousness, innovation and quality. It is an important event, one of the flagships of this region: we work on the project for a whole year, with the aim of bringing it to the next level. The 2020 edition was ready: everything prepared, with attention to every detail, to amaze the participants once again with something sensational.

The emergency situation dictated by Covid 19 has forced us to pause and make careful evaluations: on the one hand there is the desire to act, not to stop and to get up, on the other hand, the essential commitment to guarantee a safe event, from all points of view.

It was not easy to make the decision to cancel the 2020 edition; it was probably one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made, but there was no choice: we have to put aside this year's work and give priority to the well-being and health of the over 2000 cyclists who participate in the event every year, of the many collaborators and volunteers, of the institutions, of our staff. Not to mention that the safety of an event such as Alé La Merckx involves first aid operators, emergency services, local police, state police and so on, in short: all structures that are already under considerable pressure at the moment.

In such a climate of health alert, with the current general conditions of life, it is simply not possible to continue planning an event of this magnitude.

The logistical peculiarities of departure and arrival do not even allow us to think of a later reprogramming - to which we are not inclined in any case: it would not reflect our corporate spirit. In the autumn months there are fixed events: moving the Alé La Merckx in those months would put some participants in a difficult position, as many have already chosen to attend other sportive events.

Finally, I want to emphasize that for Alé, La Merckx is above all a great bike festival, to be lived with friends, families, children, it is an event that colors the streets with our cyclists dressed in “fluo”, to make them visible and to continue to carry on our mission. Planning festive events, with this pandemic in progress, is disrespectful to everyone: we are experiencing one of the darkest moments in human history.

The appointment with Alé La Merckx is therefore postponed to 4-5-6 June 2021. It will be the most beautiful Alé La Merckx ever, we guarantee it! In the meantime, we are thinking of a charity ride, which will aim to raise funds in support of one of the health institutions involved in the emergency; but we will be more specific on this later. At present, we have to respect the lockdown provisions by staying at home, virtually united as always. Come on! Soon we will be back on the pedals, together; soon we will go back to coloring the world. With Alé."

The organization also specifies that the single registrations already received will be frozen and deemed valid for the 2021 edition, that will take place in the weekend of Sunday 6 June 2021.

This provision will only apply to individual registrations; for those who registered through the circuits it will be necessary to verify the decisions of the organizers of the circuits themselves. In particular, for the Alé Challenge, it is specified that Alé is sponsor of the initiative, but all decisions regarding the registrations to the events included in the circuit are made by Sport Service S.r.l.

For all those who have registered for the 2020 edition of the Alé La Merckx, the race pack will contain an additional surprise, which will become a participation prize.

For information: A.S.D. Alé T. 0456655175 –

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