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Nazionale Francese


Alé triumph in the world championships on track thanks to the French National Team

Alé provides cycling clothes to the fastest athletes of the World: as a proof, comes the title won in the Olympic speed by the transalpine trio. The first day it won a gold medal. After the five medals won 12 months ago in Cali, Colombia, the challenge of Saint - Quentin en Yveines, in France, begins with a wonderful result: the gold medal won by Kevin Sireau, Grégory Baugé and Michaël D’Almeida. The French trio, in the Olympic speed, beat all opponents completing the three laps in 43 “136, at an average speed of 62,592 km/h. France, then, is confirmed and confirmed is also Alé that, with their clothes, helps bringing these cyclists on the roof of the world. The collaboration between Alé and the National Team of the Fédération Française de Cyclisme continues in the name of a mutual growth. The feedback of the great champions, in fact, allow Alé to continuously improve its products to make them a perfect ally for the challenges on the track; on the other hand, thanks to these findings “on the ground” and also to the researches done in the wind tunnel, increasingly efficient products can be at disposal of the champions. Moreover, when it comes to these levels and of these challenges, a perfect cycling cloth can make all the difference, marking the border between triumph and defeat.

Nazionale Francese
Nazionale Francese

The continued research, therefore, is one of the secrets of the brand of APG that has built its success from the use of the most innovative tissues and advanced production processes. This is how the clothes Alé are developed, perfect for everyone from track specialists to the champions on the road, to who climb on the bike for pure passion. The french world champions competed with the top range clothes of Alé, the extraordinary “PR.R” Pro Racing Research, a line exalt the explosive power of track racers. The tests performed in the wind tunnel allowed to develop products that ensure the maximum ergonomics and adhesion. The unique AIR FLOW SYSTEM ALÉ ensures maximum grip, creating the eggshell effect, which reduce more than 10% the Air Drag. Alé and the French Cycling Federation, a year later, confirm themselves again as a leading partnership.

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