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Arnaud Démarre does it again


Arnaud Démarre does it again

The sprinter of Equipe Cycliste FDJ is the new French Champ.

Second national title after 2014’s one for Arnaud Démare, who prevailed at the sprint overcoming the challenger Bouhanni and gaining victory at the finish line of Saint-Omer.

The merit is also of the team, strong and compact by his side: "I've never been afraid during the race. I knew I would be attacked, but I also knew I had a very strong team by my side. I had nineteen runners working for me, I'm really proud of them. Probably it will seem pretentious, but I thought I would win. Bouhanni may be disappointed, but I don’t think I have made any mistakes in my sprint.” says the athlete.

Arnauld and the entire Equipe Cycliste FDJ help Alé in research and development of new high performance cycling garments. PR-S is the result of this teamwork, a sophisticated aerodynamic kit, tested on the road and in wind tunnel, realized with the innovative "Body Mapping", a system that covers each part of the body with the most suitable fabric for compression and comfort.

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