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La Alé Cipollini galassia e’ pronta per un giro rosa da protagonista


Alé Cipollini Galassia is ready to be protagonist at Giro Rosa

The appointment with one of the most awaited races in the international panorama is scheduled from July 3rd until July 12th. #Yellowfluorange lineup has been built to be competitive on every trail and they will have a special weapon: Fabiana Luperini’s determination and experience, the woman who won 5 Giri d’Italia and is now at her first one as Sports Director.

The starting line will be in Lubiana (Slovenia), and the finishing line in San Domenico di Varzo, Verbano – Cusio-Ossola area; between the two, 9 stages and one ITT under the stars, for a total of 891,5 Km: this is the 26th edition of Giro Rosa, which will take place from July 3rd until July 12th..

This very awaited appointment brings the most worldwide known cyclists on Italian roads to chase the pink jersey, as usual.

18 teams will be at the starting line, coming from Europe, America and Australia; Alé Cipollini Galassia’s lineup will be among them, ready to shine in “its” Italy.

#Yellowfluorange’s lineup chosen to partecipate to Giro Rosa should allow the team to be competitive in every kind of situation. Marta Tagliaferro and Annalisa Cucinotta’s fast wheels will be at the starting line; while on ascending roads Flavia Oliveira’s legs and determination will do their best, aiming to the overall classification; then, Elena Berlato, Dalia Muccioli, Francesca Cauz, Uenia Fernandes e Malgorzata Jasinska will be there too, trying to change the day.

La Alé Cipollini galassia e’ pronta per un giro rosa da protagonista

“Girls are fine” – confirms Sports Director Fortunato Lacquaniti – “They have proved it in different national championships and even in the last prestigious races, such as thw World Championship stage in Philadelphia and Giro del Trentino. Giro Rosa is a race we care about a lot because it is set on Italian roads and we know how glad our President would be to see #Yellowfluorange jerseys being protagonists. This is our objective. We know we are in good shape and a good team: we will do our best”.

Fabiana Luperini does not hide her emotions, because after being protagonist of many Giri d’Italia pink version, riding her bike, now will face Giro Rosa in flagship for the first time as Sports Director:

“Giro Rosa is charming in a very peculiar way, for an Italian cyclist it is a unique experience. A difficult race that gives you no physical or mental rest, but motivation allows you to overcome the effort. To go through your own country’s roads, with people clapping at you, allows you to give everything you have, even when you think you have nothing more to give. I have been to many Giri d’Italia and I won 5 of them: every time was a unique experience. This year I will face it in a different role, but emotions are the same, or even deeper, as the responsibility I feel, because I know how many expactions the girls have about me: I have to advise them and help them in difficult moments”.

Aiming to give many emotions: this is the spirit with which team #Yellowfluorange is getting ready to face Giro Rosa.

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