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Event Men full protective waterproof jacket Klimatik™

  • Weight:170 gr

This jacket is an innovative and technical garment ideal for those who want to train in wet conditions. A versatile garment ideal to bring in every condition for all the seasons, that can be used alone or over the winter jacket, for an added protection.


Sealed seams to avoid the entrance of humidity. Bi-component construction with the main part made of a eVent material with PTFE microporous membrane.


  • Security Reflex details on the tail for higher visibility and safety in poor visibility conditions.
  • Waterproof zipper with internal protective flap.
  • Long tail per the protection from the sprays of ther road.
  • High compactness, easy to store in the pocket.
  • Taped seams to avoid the entrance of water.


  • Waterproofness

  • Water repellency

  • Protection

  • Breathability