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K-Tornado Women rainproof jacket Klimatik™

  • Climate:6° − 12°



This jacket is a technical garment suggested for those that have to train in cold conditions or for those that require a protection in terms of windfront insulation. Bicomponent construction with the main fabric being a double material with Windtex membrane and back inserts in thermal fabric without membrane for breathability.


  • Frontal shake waist hem for a better comfort while riding
  • Hermetic high collar
  • Waterproof zipper
  • 3 back pockets with rainproof flap on top
  • Reflex inserts in the front and on the back for a better visibility 


  • Waterproofness

  • Water repellency

  • Protection

  • Breathability

  • Windproof



  • Breathable shelter from the storm

    eVent is an air permeable and waterproof membrane: a "dry system" that instantly vents the moisture that typically builds up inside your garments as you sweat. Our proprietary waterproof and windproof membranes feature bilions of microscopic pores that allow sweat to quickly evaporate to the outside, keeping you dry on the inside and performing at your best.

  • DVstretchTM

    The first stretch windproof laminate font eVent fabrics will stretch up to 50 percent with full recovery, resulting in the perfect balance of stretch comfort, windproofing, water resistance and breathability. Fully water repellent and water resistant, the DVstretch membrane keeps the elements at bay while still allowing sweat to escape.

  • DValpine