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New Season

Spring Summer 2017

New season Summer 2017 Alé

The cycling between style and technology: Alé presents the S/S 2017 collection.
The collection is the result of an accurate study on lightweight, breathable and resistant fabrics and technical finishes, to offer to all cycling lovers revolutionary solutions and new eye-catching designs. Thanks to the Body Mapping system Alé could realize truly innovative garments, using strategically different fabrics placed on the various parts of the body.

B.B. Black Bibs

By the advice of pro teams arises B.B. "Black Bibs", a line of bib shorts aimed at those who ride long distances by bike. The collection best expresses the Alé study in terms of aerodynamics, ergonomics and durability. Innovative technologies are complemented by DOUBLE ERGO HF, the shammy designed for high performance.

R-EV1 Alé

B.B. Black Bibs Bib Shorts

Four projects that aim at lightness, aerodynamics and ergonomic performance.


Three high-end collections tested by professional teams and specifically created for cyclists : R-EV1, PRR 2.0 and GRAPHICS PRR. A real revolution on the concept of competition: garments made of technical and modern fabrics, to give the best during training and races.

R-EV1 Alé


After years on the racing fields following the professional and amateur teams, we have created the R-EV1. Maximum performance and comfort on the long distances. These bibshorts are the upgrade of our favourite PRR GRAPHICS having now a new look and are now more functional thanks to the use of materials offering a greater muscular support.

Prr 2.0 Alé

Prr 2.0

The new PRR 2.0 collection is the expression of the vanguard in technical cycling to express the maximum possible functionality. Our approach is to seek not only new materials but also to experiment new cuts for more ergonomics.

Graphics Prr Alé

Graphics Prr

The tarmac is grey but nature is colorful: she inspired us in this original collection. We are animals that finally run free in the savannah. The grey wolves of the group are following us but they won’t catch us.


FORMULA 1.0 end GRAPHICS FORMULA 1.0 are dedicated to the cyclist who ride the bike during the entire year. Garments that can satisfy the more technical needs regarding the performance.

Formula 1

Formula 1.0

The “Value for money” line, with ergonomic fit and the use of fabrics with carbon for a dissipative effect against the electrostatic charges from the atmosphere, for the improvement of blood circulation and body thermoregulation.

Graphics Formula 1.0

The balance between racing fit and one more comfortable: Graphics Formula 1.0. The line is characterized by the use of technical and high performance materials, which make the garments suitable not only for daily training but also for competitions.

Classic Alé


CLASSIC collection is a modern reinteroretation of a really well known style by yesterday's and today's cyclists. This is an evergreen inspired to the past.

Super Comfort

Alé presents EXCEL and GRAPHICS EXCEL, collections developed for amateurs. The basic and comfortable fitting, the maximum thermoregulation and resistance of the fabrics guarantee a complete wellness for who lives cycling as a great passion.

Excel Alé


Excel is not just a basic line, but a set of garments designed to be durable and reliable thanks to the use of innovative and light fabrics, in addition to a ergonomic and comfortable fitting.

Graphics Excel

In Excel Graphics the traditional style blends with the comfortable fit and an excellent value for money. A line designed for amateur cyclists that prefer comfortable and durable garments than a racing fit.


Cold, rain, wind and sometimes snow: when we go out in winter, we know what to expect. We focus on the ride, without thinking about anything else. Alé has already thought about producing the right products to assure maximum comfort and protection. KLIMATIK is a complete collection composed of jerseys, jackets, bibshorts, bibtights and accessories specifically developed to support riders during extreme weather conditions.

Klimatik Alé


The “emergency” collection that fights cold and rain.

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