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We have taken creativity, our going beyond the schemes, to make you experience cycling in colour and smiles. Always.
We have never renounced technicality and the most innovative fabrics to give you the best.
This is a collection that goes beyond words to become a style and trend, shared by amateurs, teams and professionals.
We live the same passion with you in a free and conscious way: these are the values with which we sew our fabrics.
Spring Summer 2020 Spring Summer 2020


Cycling between style and technology.
R-EV1 includes the top garments of the Alé collection, elegant and aggressive, the result of researches and tests carried out by our R&D department. With progressive materials and finishes, these garments bring new solutions to the road to live your passion at the peak of performance.
The new entry in the collection is the Silver Cooling jersey, which, thanks to its fabrics in silver yarns, antibacterial and anti-odour, dissipates excess heat, keeping the body temperature constant.

R-EV1 full image
R-EV1 close-up image
R-EV1 close-up image


Born from the long-time collaboration with the Pro-Teams, the PR-S line is a heap of style and high performances,
that represents the ultimate in research and technical solutions. The distinguishing points of this collection have always been the attention to aerodynamics, the anatomical construction that involves a study of the function of the garment on the bike in the different seasons, and the choice of fabrics to be placed in the various areas of the body.

PR-S full image 1
PR-S full image 2

Graphics Pr-r

The line that has now become an Alé classic: cutting-edge technologies and fabrics,
thanks to the J Stability System and the Leg Comfort System that improve the cyclist's performances. Attention to the smallest details and an ergonomic Racing fit, enhanced by attractive, colourful graphics.

PR-R close-up image
PR-R close-up image
PR-R full image


A line with a more traditional and comfortable fit, characterised by light, versatile and resistant garments, developed to meet the needs of all types of cyclists and with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Solid full image 1
Solid full image 2


The Classic line is designed to pay tribute to the tradition of cycling and it is dedicated
to those who wish to share its spirit, identity and values.

Classic full image 1

Klimatik™ Guscio

The line includes thermotaped waterproof shells, waistcoats and lightweight packable jackets. The highly reflective material improves visibility in poor light and extreme atmospheric conditions.

Klimatik full image
Klimatik close-up image
Klimatik close-up image


A passion that becomes a collection: the new Gravel and MTB lines mix comfort and resistance,
creating garments with anti-abrasion inserts and lots of pockets to experience even long distances in freedom. All Off Road garments are characterised by great attention to details and high-quality raw materials.

Off road MTB close-up image
Off road MTB close-up image
Off-road Gravel close-up image
Off-road Gravel close-up image


They say that Triathlon reveals people's character. If you don't have determination, if you don't know how to suffer, Triathlon is not the sport for you. And if it is, you need the right products to alleviate at least some of the fatigue.

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