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men shorts



  • Weight 150 gr
  • Temperature 18° - 30°
  • prr-2 Agonista Alé Cycling
  • prr-2 Agonista Alé Cycling
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The PRR 2.0 is our “golden standard”, the high-end shorts that represents the evolution of the cycling shorts as lighter and more resistant materials have been used to grant a proper muscular support and a good compression degree.


  • Ergonomic Fit with balanced compression.
  • Gripper and anti slip material, dye cut and shaped in the bottom hem. 
  • The waistband gives a proper compression on the abdomen and lumbar area by supporting all the muscles involved in the pedaling action and keeping the garment in place. 


Multi panel construction made with a combination of different fabrics for the different parts of the body strategically positioned according to the Alé BODY MAPPING principle. A woven fabric in the crotch area grants maximum breathability and lightness as well as abrasion resistance. The compression areas are balanced by the use of different fabrics giving a graduated compression in the peripheral areas. A gripper material on the leg bands prevents any squeezing or discomfort.



Available shammy

Shammy 8h F

8HF shammy in elastic micro-fibre with high memory padding, strategically positioned in the contact points. In the perineal and ischiatic area, the 120 kg maximum density padding, is calibrated and breathable on all covered points, and ensures utmost protection against collisions and stresses from the road. The central relief channel was developed to protect the nerve endings for improved support, also on the longer distances. The lateral shaped wings are flexible and follow the body movements while pedalling, adapting to the cyclist’s anatomy for the highest comfort.