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Future women bib shorts Prr 2.0

  • Weight:135 gr
  • Climate:18° - 30°

FUTURE WH SYSTEM is our advanced project for a real high-end woman short. Extremely comfortable and practical, it represents a new concept of bibs for women athletes.


Multi panel construction made with a combination of different fabrics for the different parts of the body strategically positioned according to the Alé BODY MAPPING principle. A woven fabric called Serie S 41 in the crotch area grants maximum breathability and lightness as well as abrasion resistance. The compression areas are balanced by the use of different fabrics giving a graduated compression in the peripheral areas. The fabric Aero G.250 allows a low aerodynamic impact, thanks to the “golf ball” effect and a high muscle compression: the contact with the skin stimulates the circulation like a massage. Weight 250/mq. UPF 50+. The new 7.5 cm gripper material on the leg bands prevents any constraints.


  • Women Project : ergonomic fit engineered for female body in the bike position.
  • Leg hem in gripper material, shaped dye cut. 
  • WH FREE SYSTEM BIB: higher front part with Mesh Dragon fabric, kept in place thanks to an elastic micro-fiber band that turns around the neck. High comfort without getting in touch with breast. Easier undressing without taking off the jersey. 

Available shammy

Shammy 4whF

Shammy "W4HF" in elastic micro-fiber, specifically shaped for women, with padding strategically positioned in the contact points. In the perineal and ischiatic area, the the 90 kg/cm² density padding is calibrated and breathable on all covered points to ensure utmost protection against shocks and stresses of the road. The lateralshaped wings are flexible and follow the movements of a woman's body while pedaling, adapting to the cyclist's anatomy for high comfort.